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4 cups of rice

8 pieces of Chicken thighs

3 large onions

Pepper, garlic, ginger (amount optional)

Chicken seasoning/ seasoning of choice 2 cups mixed veggies

1 can Tomato Plumps & Tomato puree

Salt to taste

Maggie cube (optional)



1- Prepare chicken, wash and pat dry. Add salt to season Blend some onion, ginger, garlic and pepper Add to the chicken, add chicken season if you want. Steam the chicken for about 8-10 min.

2- Blend plump tomatoes, with some onion and pepper depending on how spicy you want your jollof. Slice the remaining onions into medium sizes.

3- Start making the stew or gravy by frying the sliced onions in about 3 table spoons of veggie oil and allow to cook for about 2 mins Add 4 tablespoons of tomato puree and keep stirring for about 8 min till it is reduced. Add the blended tomato mixture and allow to cook and reduce for about 10 more minutes, stirring intermittently.

4- When the steamed chicken is ready, strain out the stock and allow to cool. Deep fry chicken for the golden brown crusty finish. Put the fried chicken aside.

5- Add the stock to the stew and allow to cook for about 5 minutes Add your chicken to the stew (optional as chicken can be served separately when the entire meal is done). Add the mixed veggies and cook for a couple of mins. (Scoop some stew out if preferred to be served with jollof later). Add the rice and reduce the heat to very low. Cover the rice with kitchen foil and allow the food the steam through. Check and keep stirring intermittently till rice is cooked through, about 20 min.

6- Scoop some of the rice in a small bowl and press to form a nice mould, turn into your serving plate. Add your chicken.

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