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To enhance our relationship with our consumers, we regularly organise street floats and partnerships with local events.

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Nov 28, 2019

Black friday

Come purchase your CIC rice on Jumia website 

Sep 04, 2019


Please join the cooking competition sponsored by CIC GHANA for the Oguaa Fetu AFAHYE Cooking Competition 2019 .

Sep 03, 2019


Fetu Afahye is an annual festival celebrated by the people and chiefs of Cape Coast Traditional Area in the Central Region of Ghana. Once upon a time there had been a plague in Cape Coast as history has it. This was devastating and as such demanded that the people of Cape Coast call for an intervention from their gods. However, it is believed that the inhabitants of Cape Coast and its environs were able to eliminate this plague with the help of their gods, hence, the name "Fetu" – originally EfinTu ("doing away with dirt"). It is also observed to commemorate a bumper harvest from the sea as well as performing rituals to thank the 77 gods of Oguaa Traditional Area.

Prior to the actual celebration of the festival, the Omanhen is confined for a week. During this period of confinement, he meditates and asks for wisdom from the creator (Aboadzi) and the ancestors, as well as seeking medical attention where necessary from his physician to enable him come out both physically and mentally fit for the impending activities such as delivering his tasks for the success of the festival. At the end of Omahen’s confinement, he appears in public in pomp and dignity and goes to the stool house to pour libation, seeking blessing from the 77 gods of Oguaa state who the people believe steer the affairs of Oguaa traditional area.

The grand day of the Fetu Afahye festival falls on the first Saturday in September as a procession takes place around the community with dancing and merrymaking. Fetu Afahye marks the beginning of a new year for the Oguaa people of Cape Coast. The festival closes with an interdenominational service at the Chapel Square.

Aug 16, 2019

Palace Activation Rice Tasting

CIC Ghana will present you there Fagrant top rices which are sold in Palace supermarket .

The event will take place on the 17 , 24 and 31 of August from 10am to 5pm .

You will be able to tast our rice and then go directly to purchase it in the Shop

Please note that during the first activation you will receive 1 Tshirht ,1 Cap and 1 CIC bag only with the presentation of the purchase ticket of the same day and stamped for  2 CIC bags of rice 

Join us it will be fun :)

Apr 15, 2019


Board a CIC Branded STC bus this Easter season and share the wonderful moments on Facebook and Instagram. Also, if you spot the CIC Branded Buses in your locality or anywhere in town, please share pictures or selfies taken with the bus at the background on Facebook or Instagram.

Three (3) lucky people whose pictures attract the most LIKES, SHARES AND COMMENTS stand a chance of receiving a 25kg bag of our special CIC KDM. Other prizes include, CIC branded T-shirts, Baseball Caps, and Aprons.

Promo will run for 90 days beginning April 23, 2019 to July 23, 2019; with 3 winners being declared each month.

Use the hashtags #RIDEWITHSMILE #CICSELFIE #CICGhana #CICKDM #Daibonrice #CICfragrant #MIMO #PAKIDELIGHT #RIDEWITHSTC. Terms and conditions apply.

Visit our website for read the terms and conditions of the promo. Please call 0500434894 for any enquiries about the promo.



Share the love Promo

CIC Ghana invites you to participate in the “SHOW YOUR LOVE PROMO” during this valentine’s season.


All you have to do is to take a picture of a SPECIAL MOMENT being shared with a loved one either cooking or sharing a meal of rice, and share on either Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #CICGhana #Daibonrice #CICfragrant #MIMO #showyourlove

Five (5) participants who receive the most post Likes, Comments and Shares will each receive one  25kg bag of our special CIC Daibon fragrant rice. In addition, each winner will also receive 1 CIC branded cap,  1 branded tshirt and 1 CIC branded apron.”


The promo will run from February 14-28, 2019 and winners will be announced by 16:00 GMT on February 28, 2019. Please visit to access the rules of the contest and also for additional information. Please LIKE & SHARE this post and don’t forget to like and follow our page.”

Apr 07, 2017

Accra Street float

Street float with CIC rice - date to be confirmed

Apr 07, 2017

Kumasi Street Float

Street float and CIC rice tasting

Apr 05, 2017

Accra street float

Street float and CIC rice tasting

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